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About Riyadh Alsalehin School

Riyadh Alsalehin is a Sunday school that teaches the Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Quran recitation to the Muslim community children. The school runs classes from grade K to grade 12. It is located in Mississauga - Ontario, Canada.


Riyadh Alsalehin school grants credit for high school students in International Language Arabic and Islamic Studies.


Credits offered:

  • LYB AD, LYBBD , LYBCU, LYBDU for Arabic language

  • HRE13-HRE23 for Islamic studies


Each student can earn up to 4 credits.   



Riyadh Alsalehin School offers:

  • focus on teaching Arabic reading and writing

  • highly qualified and commited teachers 

  • encourages students to develop their knowledge and awareness by researching, using the internet as a tool

  • unique environment for students and teachers of various cultures

  • organizes compitions for Islamic knowledge, Quran memorization and recitation, spelling bee, etc. 

Mission Statement 

To raise a responsible Muslim generation that is proud of its religion, and that represents the beautiful Islamic manners and teachings. Riyadh Alsalehin aims to raise a generation that is also proud of its Arabic language and is a well educated Muslim that represents the true image of Islam, while still combining knowledge, manners and religion. 


Outcome Statement

To lay the best possible foundation for our students by way of good example and comprehensive and balanced Islamically oriented education so that they can move forward successfully into higher education. 



Riyadh Alsalehin welcomes all ideas and feedback in order to further develop its methods for a better education for our children. 


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